Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two New Parks Planned For Danbury.

One of the most important measurements of a strong community is the quality of the residents enjoy.Quality of life can mean many things to many people. It could mean low crime rate, low taxes, recreational opportunities, quality schools, or it could mean a combination of all four.

While things like crime rate and quality schools are critical in determining a community's quality of life, recreational opportunities are also important.

Over the last several years we have worked hard in Danbury to improve our parks system and recreational opportunities for our residents. We have completed the Ives Trail, added new open space, and added new artificial fields.  This year we are in the planning stages for two new additions to our parks system.

For several years our young people have been asking for skateboard park. To that end, I have asked our engineering department to design a skate park for a city owned parcel of land that is located near the old ‘“gasball” across from the parking garage on Patriot Dr. This project has taken more time that I would have liked, but it is working its way through our administrative process. Look for an opening sometime in the spring of 014’.

The second project is the much awaited dog park. This also took a significant amount of time as we searched for a suitable location. After many hours surveying the city, and several false starts, we settled on a piece of property at the end of the runway at the Danbury Airport. The City acquired the land with a federal grant  from a local family several years ago as we were under direction from the FAA to clear trees adjacent to the runway.

This past month we received approval from the FAA to build the dog park on the parcel. Our engineers are working on a design and the project should be ready by the summer of 014’.

While these may seem like modest projects, they are an important component in the quality of life that we provide for our residents.

Special thanks to City Council President Joe Cavo who spearheaded the effort for the Dog Park. Well done!!


  1. Request on the dog park - please include an area for smaller dogs. I can't wait to bring Daisy to it!

  2. Yes, we will have small dogs segregated.

  3. This is great news! Danbury needs a dog park for its thousands of dogs and owners. They are great places for dogs and owners to get out, get some exercise and meet new friends. Thank you from me and Scooter.

  4. Your thoughts are very good. Danbury Airport should have also improvements.