Friday, February 8, 2013

Latest Thoughts On The Storm.

No map, the snow predictions are just too ridiculous to post. We will get plenty of snow. Will it be a historic amount? I am not so sure...

The models have begun to show a consistent push to the east. That puts the crazy snow amounts in Mass and maybe RI. - although I am skeptical that 30" plus will fall even out there.

Having said that, what do I, a complete lay person think for the Greater Danbury area? I'm sticking with 8" to 12" of snow, blowing and drifting with strong winds - it will be a solid wallop for us, but not Armageddon..

Level 1 snow emergency in Danbury, please move your car off of the street - Patriot Garage is open. Don't forget to shovel your sidewalk.

I'll be back with updates as the storm progresses.

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