Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy's Almost Here.. Latest Update.

This latest diagram from the 11 am update pretty much lays out the scenario. With this angle of landfall, our coastline will be slammed with wind driven water from Long Island Sound and will do catastrophic flood damage to places like Bridgeport, New Haven, and other areas that were hard hit by last year's Hurricane Irene. The storm surge could be larger than the '38 Hurricane that actually altered Connecticut's coastline.

For the Greater Danbury area, wind will be our problem along with several inches of rain. We are in the worst case scenario for wind, expect  gusts to 60-70 mph, and a steady wind of 45 mph plus for hours.

You will be out of power for an extended period of time, It's a given.

Danbury Public Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday, Westconn will be closed as well.

Please take this seriously and please prepare now - electricity will be out for a very long time..

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