Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Strengthens. The Latest.

There she is. Beginning her westward turn towards to the East Coast. Sandy was busy last night, strengthening with lower  barometric pressure and with a higher sustained wind (85 mph)  -thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

So far she is performing as expected. Her landfall will be early tomorrow morning somewhere around central New Jersey. Look at the jog the center takes .. I'm a little suspicious of that much of a left hand turn but the National Hurricane Center knows a lot more than me.

The phasing of the two winter storms will begin today, that will give our girl even more energy. Instead of weakening as she approaches land fall, she will strengthen.

For Danbury and the Greater Danbury area expect slowly deteriorating conditions for the rest of the day. The overnight will be windy and rainy.

A 51 mph gust was just clocked at JFK, that's about an hour away from us.

Hang on.

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