Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean Up Begins From Hurricane Sandy.

The clean up begins.. Hurricane Sandy has handed us quite a blow. Power remains out in about 70% of the city. CL&P is not giving restoration estimates. They are currently conducting assessments of the power and have begun to move restoration crews into the area. 

Many of you have been inquiring about Halloween. Due to the large amounts of wires that are down, for the safety of our children, we are recommending that you not Trick or Treat tomorrow night. We are encouraging Trick or Treating to take place from the hours of 4 -6 pm on Sunday November 4th.

Lake Waubeeka got hit very hard.

Special thanks to our Firefighters and our Police Officers who keep us safe.

More later..


  1. I live in lake waubeeka....devasted up here. not safe to drive around...power lines everywhere, trees leaning across roads, trees ruined many houses and porches. Hurricane Irene was bad, but this was worse! Our community has about 220 homes, and the people up here really pull together, look out for eachothers houses, offer help, etc! I hope we can get electric soon. We lost power for 1 week two times last year and this one.....who knows. I am glad we don't have flooding...everything is downhill from up here. I think it is the highest part of Danbury, hence the wind damage being so bad! Glad you postponed halloween, just not safe to have people walking around with wires and complete darkness.

    1. We have a crew up there now to open the roads. The power? That's another story..