Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Damage from Lake Waubeeka.

These homes were heavily damaged in the Lake Waubeeka area of Danbury. Power restoration is a matter of days - even though the crew has been there all day today.

This is the back of the house.

This is the front of the house.

Tree into house

Incredible, thankfully no one was hurt..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clean Up Begins From Hurricane Sandy.

The clean up begins.. Hurricane Sandy has handed us quite a blow. Power remains out in about 70% of the city. CL&P is not giving restoration estimates. They are currently conducting assessments of the power and have begun to move restoration crews into the area. 

Many of you have been inquiring about Halloween. Due to the large amounts of wires that are down, for the safety of our children, we are recommending that you not Trick or Treat tomorrow night. We are encouraging Trick or Treating to take place from the hours of 4 -6 pm on Sunday November 4th.

Lake Waubeeka got hit very hard.

Special thanks to our Firefighters and our Police Officers who keep us safe.

More later..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Strengthens. The Latest.

There she is. Beginning her westward turn towards to the East Coast. Sandy was busy last night, strengthening with lower  barometric pressure and with a higher sustained wind (85 mph)  -thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

So far she is performing as expected. Her landfall will be early tomorrow morning somewhere around central New Jersey. Look at the jog the center takes .. I'm a little suspicious of that much of a left hand turn but the National Hurricane Center knows a lot more than me.

The phasing of the two winter storms will begin today, that will give our girl even more energy. Instead of weakening as she approaches land fall, she will strengthen.

For Danbury and the Greater Danbury area expect slowly deteriorating conditions for the rest of the day. The overnight will be windy and rainy.

A 51 mph gust was just clocked at JFK, that's about an hour away from us.

Hang on.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy's Almost Here.. Latest Update.

This latest diagram from the 11 am update pretty much lays out the scenario. With this angle of landfall, our coastline will be slammed with wind driven water from Long Island Sound and will do catastrophic flood damage to places like Bridgeport, New Haven, and other areas that were hard hit by last year's Hurricane Irene. The storm surge could be larger than the '38 Hurricane that actually altered Connecticut's coastline.

For the Greater Danbury area, wind will be our problem along with several inches of rain. We are in the worst case scenario for wind, expect  gusts to 60-70 mph, and a steady wind of 45 mph plus for hours.

You will be out of power for an extended period of time, It's a given.

Danbury Public Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday, Westconn will be closed as well.

Please take this seriously and please prepare now - electricity will be out for a very long time..

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sandy churning her way to us.

Here is the 8 am track for Hurricane Sandy from the National Weather Service. The landfall of Sandy will be on the east coast. We just don't know where. Sandy could hook in on the Washington DC metro area  or head all the way up to Maine.

Some of my meteorologist friends don't think the scenario of the dramatic left hand turn that you see in this track will happen. They believe that a flatter trajectory - slightly to the east will place Sandy over Long Island on Monday night. We'll have to see..

Begin preparations now..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Will The Boss Sing "Sandy" Tonight?..Update on Sandy.

There she is. Sandy has blown up in the Caribbean and she has become a monster. Still a lot to play out here, there are so many factors, but right now it doesn't look good. The 2 pm runs today will give us a better picture of her track, but this track shows landfall right around New York City, giving Greater Danbury a good shot of the eastern side of the storm (which is the most windy). We have begun preparations in Danbury and if the models hold with this afternoon runs, we will begin an outcall to residents to start preparations later today.. To be continued..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ohhh, Saandy..

There she is. Hurricane Sandy has spun up in the Caribbean. We are still a long ways off from a solid forecast, but the probability of some kind of weather event in the Greater Danbury has increased. Keep an eye out here, and on the news, and I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reflections at Two Weeks To Go.

National elections are fun. Aren't they?

We've seen three debates. Romney was the overwhelming winner of the first debate in Denver, the President won the last two.

But does winning the debate mean you're going to win the election? Depends.

The number one issue facing the country is the economy. Foreign policy isn't even on the radar for most people.

A victory in a foreign policy debate is a Pyrrhic victory for the President. It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help him convince people that he can change the trajectory of the economy. When you focus the performances of the two candidates on just the economy, Romney has won all three of the debates - handily.

That's why the race is so close.

There's is something happening out there. Three of the  undecided focus groups (CBS, MSNBC, FOX) gave Romney the edge last night - mainly due to his performance on the economy. All of the snap polls gave Obama the victory in the debate. That tells me that the voters are saying "yes, the President is smart, he won, but we don't care about that issue. On the issue that we care about - the economy, we are going with Romney." Fascinating.

Romney will have to tap into that sentiment harder, and the Republican ground game will have to work like it has never done before. Republicans hate grass roots politics, they just don't get how important the mechanics of a campaign are. Democrats love grass roots politics, and they are exceptionally good at it.

Romney will need more than just a tie in the polls on election day in places like Ohio and Virginia, he will need to be 3-4 percentage points ahead of the President Obama in each critical battleground state to make up for the Democrats GOTV effort - a tall order.

Conversely, if I'm in Chicago today at the Obama headquarters, I am very nervous, and I am working on turnout, turnout, turnout. I would be deeply concerned about the youth vote. Since Obama leads by such a huge margin in that demographic, he must get them to the polls on election day. The enthusiasm of 08' is not there yet. If they don't show up, he will lose.

Two weeks to go.. this is getting interesting.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Exorbitant Raises are an Insult to College Students in Connecticut.

Recent reports that the administrators for the Board of Regents of Higher Education have received exorbitant raises and the subsequent reaction of the Malloy administration (Uh, sorry, we have nothing to do with that - wink) and the Board of Regents (Uh? raises? We had no idea) is an offense to every student and every parent struggling to pay tuition and access our higher education system.

Think about it. The Board of Regents (nobody can quite figure out their title - or what they do)  increased the pay of Mike Meotti  who is the, get this title - Executive Vice President for the Board of Regents of Higher Education - to... get this.. $232,244. The Board of Do Nothings er Regents, then decided to pay a (or did they?) Spokeswoman (who used to work for state Democratic Party) $130,000 to well, decide to not speak on what all of the other bureaucrats working for the Board of Regents received in raises (apparently she got a raise on top of the $130K).

Don't we have a state budget crisis? Aren't we even concerned about the long term legacy costs of these employees?

And by the way, what does a $130,000 (with an undetermined raise) a year spokesperson for the Board of Regents of Higher Ed. do? - particularly when each university and college has its own spokesperson? Seriously? $130K to write press releases? Anyone? Anyone? Good grief.

In the worse economy since the Great Depression, the Department of Higher Ed - the organization that should be economizing and reducing inefficiencies at every turn to help our students - many of whom are struggling to retrain themselves and reenter the work force, many of whom are trying to stay in school under extraordinary financial pressure, many of whom come from challenged backgrounds and are in need of higher education more than ever, decided to feather bed themselves with cushy titles and unheard of benefits at the expense of the future of our students.


Simply outrageous.

Shame on them.

UPDATE: It was a mistake!

The Connecticut Mirror has an update. Take a look at those salaries in the story. That's why our kids can't afford the tuition to our College and Universities.

Double shame on them..