Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So What's a Hacker Space?

Yesterday we announced that we would be using the old Union Savings Bank that is attached to the Danbury Public Library has a hacker space and as a small business incubator.

So, what's a hacker space?

Well the best way to describe one is a place where people can congregate, exchange ideas, and make use of the technology that is there to improve on their ideas. The ideas could range from computer programming to manufacturing, digital art and electronic art to assembly and design skills.

The Danbury Innovation Center could also have seminars and discussion groups on everything from the latest trends in social media to the most recent iteration of the Iphone.

The small business incubator will be used to coach and mentor budding entrepreneurs and business ideas. Access to technology and business skills will be provided in conjunction with the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce.

There are currently a little over 1,000 hacker spaces in the world and the City of Danbury joins only a few cities in Connecticut to host one.

Funding for the Danbury Innovation Center will come from fees charged to users and grants that are available.

The City will renovate the library space to accommodate the center (approximately 2500 square feet).

Look for a 2013 opening.

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