Monday, August 20, 2012

Public Hearing Tonight.

Tonight at 7 pm, the City Council will be conducting a Public Hearing and a Special Meeting on the  Vision 2020 Bond Package.

I am asking that $44 million be programmed for renovations and additions to 4 schools: Stadley Rough, Park Ave, and Shelter Rock, and Mill Ridge Intermediate.

If approved, each of these buildings will be upgraded and expanded to accommodate the expected influx of students we will see over the next 10 years, and provide the space necessary to offer All-Day Kindergarten to all of Danbury's students.

Mill Ridge Intermediate will be converted into a building that will house middle school students and two academies, the STEM Academy currently housed at Rogers Park Middle School, and a new Academy modeled on our popular International Academy that is currently offered to grades K-5.

In addition, we are also holding Public Hearings on modest borrowings for our Sewer Plant and for our Water Plant as well as important infrastructure repairs (bridges, drainage, and library improvements).

I have asked that each repair/building program be broken into 4 questions for consideration by the voters.

Should the City Council opt to report these ballot questions out tonight, they will be placed on the November ballot for a final vote by the voters of Danbury.

So come on down to City Hall this evening and be heard.

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