Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mia Love and Ann Romney Steal The Show.

We had a late night last night.

The RNC has got to do a better job with the bus transportation.

We left the Tampa Bay Times Forum at 11:00 pm. We waited in a parking area outside the Forum for a shuttle bus for at least an hour if not longer. That bus was to take us to another bus at Raymond James Stadium that would take us back to the hotel. That was were the problem started. We waited 2.5 hours inside a hot  bus to get on a humid hot bus that would take us back to the hotel - no one was allowed to get off the bus while we waited. We arrived at the hotel around 3 am. While our bus was relatively calm, there were reports of passengers who got pretty upset and I am sure they are lighting up the phones of the RNC this morning.

Mia Love is the current Mayor of Saratoga Springs Utah, she is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District in Utah and, get this, is a Connecticut native (state wide press where are you?), a graduate of the University of Hartford. She told a moving story of her parents coming to the U.S. from Haiti and how her mother taught her all she needed to know.

A great personal story that inspired many of us at the convention - I hope the Connecticut press follows up on Mia and her story

Ann Romney was up to the task last night. She is phenomenal, a class act all the way and gave delegates insight into the kind of man Mitt Romney is - and the kind of President he will be.

It's not easy giving that kind of speech, and she carried it off flawlessly.

Heading back over to the Convention in a few minutes.

Praying for the residents of Louisiana.

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