Monday, August 27, 2012

Isaac Passes To The West.

After much concern and worry for the organizers of the Republican National Convention, Hurricane Isaac passed to our west and is now barreling up the Gulf of Mexico towards Louisiana.

During the overnite it was windy and rainy (not to be too over dramatic, but I did get some water in my room and could feel the wind blowing through the windows. I can only imagine what a direct hit from a hurricane must do) and generally miserable.

Last night delegates and guests headed to Tropicana Field for the opening night reception. Tropicana Field is a domed stadium so rain and wind are not an issue. Typically there is entertainment (Cirque du Soliel, musical acts, etc) and food - all paid for by the Republican National Committee.

Protesters were in attendance, but, the state police had them in a segregated area with fences and physical barriers - apparently one protester showed up with a machete strapped to his leg.

Today the delegation is at the hotel waiting out the remnants of the storm to pass us by. The schedule has been announced - the RNC has crafted a truncated version of the convention that starts tomorrow at 2 pm.

The roll call for nomination of the office of President and Vice President will start in the early evening of Tuesday August 28th.

Other than that, I will be doing some work from the business center at the hotel and waiting for the sky to clear.

In the meantime, let's hope that New Orleans makes out ok.

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