Thursday, July 19, 2012

Storm Packs a Wallop.

Yesterday was another hot day with temperatures in the mid 90's by the middle of the afternoon. Later in the day a series of thunderstorms blew up around us, many of them avoiding the city - we thought we were clear.

Then a micro burst hit the southern part of Main Street and the areas around South Street and the bottom of Coal Pit Hill.

Here's a photo of a tree into a house on South Street:

Scenes like that could be found all over the south side of the city. Currently there are 47 CL&P customers without power and we continue to work on clean up.

At Rogers Park Middle School an air handling unit on the roof was picked up and thrown back down on the penetrating the roof. Our engineers estimate a wind speed of over 100 mph would have had to occur for that to happen.


Thankfully no one was hurt.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend..

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