Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Main Street Meeting Is About Working Together.

Tomorrow, the City of Danbury, in conjunction with City Center, is kicking off a series of meetings with Main Street merchants to review steps that have been taken by the Main Street Partnership and listen to concerns, ideas, and suggestions about improving the quality of life in our Main Street corridor.

In spite of reports from various media outlets, the meeting is not about "vagrants" or the increase in "vagrancy" it is about opening a dialogue with Main Street businesses and informing them of some changes that have been made to various regulations and ordinances that have been changed or will be changing.

One the most vexing and difficult challenges from the city's perspective is the amount of litter and debris that accumulates on the weekend and during the week. All of us who use Main Street (including our residents and customers of businesses) must be vigilant in sending the right message that litter and littering will not be tolerated.

Each business will be required to sweep and maintain the area in front of the store everyday - we will be sharing that idea with our merchants at the meeting.

Are there panhandlers on Main Street? Of course. Is it a crisis? No. But, we need to all be on the same page to discourage panhandling, and other activities that disrupt the quality of life and the ability for our businesses to do business.

The meeting tomorrow will be the first in what we hope will be an ongoing dialogue with people who are working and living on Main Street.

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