Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can You Give A Danbury Child a Hand?

On Tuesday June 19th I will be participating in a fundraiser to help a terrific organization in Danbury. The Samaritan Health Clinic in Danbury is a 501c3 Pediatric Clinic that meets primary care needs of over 1,000 kids in the Greater Danbury Area.

I have agreed to help raise money to fund an additional care specialists for ongoing or chronic needs kids.  The position will provide services above and beyond what the general practioner can provide.

So, here's where you can help. On Tuesday I will attempt to play 100 holes of golf. I am asking that you consider sponsoring me on a per hole basis to raise money for the clinic.

Once the event is over, I will email you a link and report to you how many holes I was able to play.

Then you just make your donation - it's as simple as that.

You could sponsor  a hole at any level from 25 cents and beyond and of course your donation is 100% tax deductable.

So waddaya say? Can you find it in your heart to help some Danbury kids? Just email me at to let me know that your all in for Danbury's children.


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