Monday, April 2, 2012

Don't Retire in Connecticut - Unless it's Danbury.

Someone emailed me a nice write up on Danbury in The entire article says that Connecticut is the worst state to retire in (ya think?). However, if you do decide to retire in Connecticut, Danbury, Essex, Guilford, and Middletown are the places to be. From the article:
"About a half century ago Danbury was the hat-making capital of the country. But the milliners have given way to the duffers now that Danbury is better known for its proximity to the links. Danbury's Richter Park Golf Course was rated one of the top 25 public courses in the country by Golf Digest. Even better, Danbury residents get to play at a significant discount. There are also private courses right in town and a dozens of public and private courses within a short drive. For non-golfers, hiking abounds.
 Danbury is just 25 minutes from the idyllic Berkshire Mountains and two sprawling state parks.
Danbury is also known for its proximity to New York City, about an hour and a half away by train. "That's a big draw for retirees," says Schepis. And the town itself is no slouch in the culture department thanks to the Ives Center, which hosts music acts, a city orchestra and numerous festivals throughout the year.
 The area is quite diverse (especially compared to neighboring communities) and houses the largest lake in the state, Candlewood Lake.
This sweet spot of rural beauty and urban proximity, with a low crime rate and lots of housing options, makes for a great Northeast retirement spot. The result? Be prepared for company: The crowds and traffic in Danbury have jumped in recent years, says Schepis."
Not too bad..

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  1. I like it here. And you are always welcome.
    BIG on the arts. There is never a weekend without some art project, performance or display, happening in the City. Four (or more) Museums, music from classical to contemporary. And Western Connecticut State University with a performing arts center being built. For more Danbury area arts: