Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Dental Care Coming at Ya!

The O'Neill Center- Ready for action.

Want free dental care for yourself or children? Because of the difficult financial times we are facing, have you had to cut back on dental care for you or your children? Are you elderly and just couldn't afford to take care of your teeth?

Have we got a program for you... Connecticut Mission of Mercy will be at Western Connecticut State University's  westside campus in the O'Neill Center and will be offering free dental care ranging from checkup's to fillings to root canals - all free of charge!

So head on out tomorrow morning and get this done (the first patient has already arrived even though the doors don't open until 6 am tomorrow morning).

Hundreds of dentists and technicians are donating their time to make the world a better place. We thank them and tip our Danbury hat to them.

The Connecticut Mission of Mercy Dental clinic is here for two days only, Friday March 23rd and Saturday March 24th. Doors open at 6 am. Get there early!


  1. This is wonderful. I had a checkup recently, or I'd be next in line. I now have private dental since I lost my job, and my dentist doesn't accept it.

  2. This is really awesome, it's good that the mayor did something like this for the community since dental care is really important.
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  4. I'm glad that there are still private organizations that extend to the public. A free dental services will go a long way. As one of my friend from rockford dental care group told me, dental care should be accessible to all. It can change and save a life.

  5. This is an interesting project for everyone. Our government must do more of these free dental care offered to more people, especially those who cannot afford them. Dentist Edgecliff

  6. We all want to get some dental attention and sometimes it is better when it's for free. Dental emergency New York shouldn't be neglected. Nurse know better than us so we should never regret asking them about our condition.

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