Friday, September 2, 2011

List Of Streets Needing CL&P Work.

Update #2- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Ok thanks- I feel better. Crews are hitting the city everywhere. There is a lot of work to do throughout Danbury. Right now the focus is on trying to get as many people as possible up with power by Saturday night. Significant outages remain through Danbury. Pick an area and I can show a neighborhood or a house that needs power.

We are offering free food, water, and ice at the Miry Brook Firehouse (51 Miry Brook Rd) until 8 pm. Feel free to stop by and take what you need.

Update #1- As you can see I have updated the list from yesterday. Crews have arrived from CL&P to work at the Middle River substation (seems that there is some kind of a problem) and the Juniper Ridge substation (another electrical issue) both of these substations service hundreds if not thousands of residents who have lost power, but do not have any trees down or damage to their infrastructure.

The following is a list of streets with power lines that have been impacted by downed trees. These streets cannot be cleaned until CL&P inspects and assists or does the actual clean up. This list is from noon, so I am hopeful that some of these streets have been addressed by CL&P. This is not a list of power outages!  You could have lost power and not have trees down on your street

  1.  194 Franklin Street.
  2. Balmforth St. near Union Circle.
  3. Ironwood Drive.
  4. 9 East Lake Place.
  5. 100 Saw Mill Rd.
  6. 116 Triangle Street near Wildman Street.
  7. 151 Brushy Hill Road.
  8. 214 Brushy Hill Road.
  9. Starrs Plain Road near Lake Waubeeka.
  10. Charcoal Ridge Road.
  11. Karen Rd.
  12. Long Ridge Rd.
  13. Padanaram Rd. near 7-11.
  14. Joes Hill Rd.
  15. Parkwood Terrace.
  16. Eden Dr,
  17. East Gate Rd.
  18. Chambers Rd.
  19. Westwood Dr.
  20. Old Lantern Rd.
  21. Farview Ave.
  22. Eugene Lane.
  23. Miry Brook Rd. by Wooster School
  24. Fairlawn Dr.
  25. Olive St.
  26. 206 Long Ridge Rd.
  27. Hayestown Heights.
  28. Great Plain Rd.
  29. Stadley Rough.
  30. 11 Crane St.
  31. 37 Ridge Rd.
  32. 124 Aunt Hack Rd.
  33. 19 Mendes Rd.
  34. Tammany Trail.
  35. 12 Skyline Dr.
  36. 15 Bittersweet Dr.
  37. 18 East Starrs Plain Rd.
  38. 13 Comstock St.
  39. Middle River Rd.
  40. Hillside and Madison Ave.
  41. Moss Ave.
  42. Lexington and Ridge Rd.
  43. Davis St.
  44. Sheridan St.
  45. Middle River and Rockwood.
  46. Marldon Dr. and Aspen Way.
  47. Indian Ave.
  48. 29 Forty Are Mtn. Rd.
  49. Deer Hill Ave.
  50. Ye Olde Rd.
  51. 1 Grenier Dr.
  52. Briar Ridge Rd.
  53. Pleasent Dr. off of Acre
  54. Bear Mountain Rd.
  55. 12 Connecticut Ave.
  56. Eagle Rd.
  57. 2 Beckett St.
  58. Pocono Lane.
Not all of these streets are closed, some are still passable and are open.


  1. Good list, can you keep it updated and show completions?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sunset Drive off of Southern Blvd. has a tree hanging on power lines and is blocking the road. CL&P has been notified.

  4. Hey MayorMark,

    You're missing a bunch of streets up at Lake Waubeeka.

  5. This is by know means a complete and final list. We know about Lake Waubeeka, just too many streets t list

  6. Missing as of 8/31 4pm still are:
    Greta Drive
    Rolf's Drive
    Briar Ridge
    George Washington Highway.