Friday, June 3, 2011

When Will They Get It?

Today's jobs report numbers are an absolute disgrace and are a reflection of the direction that the country has taken since 2008 (not to suggest that pre-2008, was a thrill).

The direction, thought process, -mentality if you will, of the far left in this country and the leaders of our state is that business is the problem, that employers are a piggy-bank, and under no circumstances should a business actually make money.

The result of this philosophy has been to refocus the priority of our federal government and our state government on everything but encouraging business development that will create jobs, and to focus on ancillary issues that result in more regulation, more uncertainty in the market place, and ultimately a chilling of the very heart of our republic, - The American Dream.

For the last 300 years, the market place (read American public) have chosen winners and losers in our economy. Now, the federal government has taken on that role to disastrous results.


1. A federal health care plan that is so complicated that you need a PhD to decipher its impact on business. More importantly, the end result has been to chill employers willingness to invest in expansion, and chill employers willingness to hire.

2. A stimulus package that was slow, lethargic and paperwork heavy that did not allow municipal and county governments to deploy the dollars quick enough to arrest the collapsing economy in 2009.

3. Bailouts of some companies (GM) and not others which leads to more uncertainty in the marketplace.

4. A demonizing of business by the political class that has demoralized management of major corporations.

The State of Connecticut has actually been worse than the federal government in understanding the challenges that face the marketplace.


1. A paid sick day bill that will require employers to offer paid sick days to its part-time employees. Connecticut would be the first state to mandate this among its businesses.

2. A regressive income tax hike that targets those making 40k to 80k- when combined with other tax hikes will decimate the middle class in Connecticut.

3. A doubling of the Corporate Income Tax.

4. More regulations and a failure of the current Malloy administration to conduct a top to bottom review of onerous anti-business regulations- and actually eliminate them.

5. A captive audience bill in the Legislature that would prohibit employers from meeting with its employees over many issues.

These are just a few of the anti-business initiatives that have been enacted, or will be enacted by our respective governments that send a very clear message: "You are not welcome in Connecticut, and you are not welcome in the United States."

No wonder we have an unemployment rate of 9.1%...

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