Friday, June 17, 2011

Union Savings Bank Steps Up To The Plate.

Robert Yamin, Jay Lent, and Jim Maloney celebrate the transaction on Thursday .
Yesterday was an important day for the City of Danbury and more importantly, our Main Street.

Union Savings Bank closed on the old Main Street Police Station as well as two other parcels of city land.

Their intention is to build a new branch for the bank, and when it's completed, return the old branch to back to the Danbury Public Library.

The old police station will be razed, and a new health clinic as well as senior housing will be built on the site.

While the proposed uses are important, what's more important is that a major financial institution located within Danbury is willing to not just talk the talk, but will walk the walk when it comes to downtown redevelopment.

The purchase represents a sign of faith in the Danbury Renaissance Task Force and the work that is being done within the city to spur investment in our urban core. The purchase also represents a firm commitment by the bank to stay in Danbury, and more importantly, stay on Main Street.

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