Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Was A Good Day In Danbury.

Friday was a good day for our city– Pitney Bowes announced that they will be expanding their operations in Danbury.
Wayne Shepperd and I have been meeting with officials from Pitney Bowes for the last 6 months or so. The objective was to help them consolidate their business in Danbury.
About two weeks ago, I toured the Pitney Bowes facility in Danbury with members of their staff and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal. Pitney Bowes has a world wide reach with a wide variety of products and services in the mail fulfillment field– If you receive an invoice from a major utility or vendor, chances are it was processed by Pitney Bowes or with Pitney Bowes equipment. They also have a new product that will be launched shortly that will revolutionize bulk mail and electronic mail.
Job growth  and job retention must be the number one priority for the State of Connecticut. It is critical if we are ever going to pull ourselves out of the economic slump we are facing. New jobs mean new taxpayers and ultimately more revenue for our state.
That’s why job growth and job retention is so important for Connecticut and for our residents.
Because we are now in a global competition for job growth and job retention, we cannot have the state Legislature pass anti-business legislation like the “captive audience” bill and the “paid sick days for part time employees” bill.
As state we must become business friendly, recognizing that a pro-business environment helps all of our residents.
Pitney Bowes had a choice on where to consolidate their business. They chose Danbury– for that we are grateful.
They will be bringing 200 engineering positions from Shelton to Danbury.
We welcome them and honor them for their commitment to our city.
Let’s hope the State of Connecticut gets it- so that we have can have more good days in Danbury.

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