Monday, February 7, 2011

School Roofs under Scrutiny.

Today marks the 10th straight day that our city workers have been clearing and inspecting our school roofs. Over the last two weeks we have inspected all of our city roofs and have been busy clearing drains and knocking down the drifts on our school roofs.
With over 50 public buildings in our inventory, we have been very concerned about the weight of the snow that the recent storms have placed on our roofs.
We have engaged private contractors, the Danbury Fire Department, and our Public Works staff in an ongoing basis to remove the snow.
In light of yesterdays long term forecast,  over the weekend, our Director of Public Works- Antonio Iadarola, Fire Chief Geoff Herald, and myself spent several hours on the phone coordinating our response to the threat of extra weight from any potential incoming storms on our school roofs.
I am proud to work with such a dedicated staff who truly care about Danbury’s children.
Special thanks to Danbury’s Volunteer Firefighters and our paid Fire Department for their hard work.
With a warm up on its way, we should be in great shape for the rest of the winter.
Can’t wait for spring.

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